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When he stopped to replay this particular moment in his mind, he could see how it all played out. He had time to process all the players and their actions and their intentions. But in the here and now of the moment, while he lived it, he was just another helpless bystander as Daniel and Anna manned the situation.

As a sign of peace, Anna dropped the machete to the ground and kicked it away. It skidded harmlessly down the hallway towards the stairwell, away from everyone involved. Davidson’s grip tightened on Lenore’s waist and he couldn’t explain why at the time, but it was almost as if he had known what was coming next. Some part of him, somewhere in his training, kicked in and his fight or flight mentality took over. But he was rusty and out of practice, and he didn’t have time to assess until it was far too late.

Nathan led them into the apartment, Anna disappearing in after him followed shortly by Daniel. Before Davidson, Lenore, or Sebastian had time to move an inch forward, he heard the change before he could see it. The swift movement sliced through the air, and he could only guess that Anna had made a play to disarm Nathan of his gun.

A short struggle ensued afterward as it always did when one party held a gun and the party on the opposite side of an opinion tried to gain the upper hand. The move was brash and bold and such a colossal mistake.

The next thing they heard was the gun going off. He felt Lenore stiffen against his side, and then a body staggered backwards out of the open doorway.

All he could think was that he should have stopped it before it came to this. Another scream broke out from within the hidden apartment, but chaos consumed him and he could no longer distinguish the voices as the scuffle continued out of sight.

Confined area, he finally realized. The opposing sides never should have entered such a confined area together. It set up for such an incident to take place, and here was the fallout now.

Davidson stood motionless; he replayed the moment over and over in his mind. “Daniel!” Lenore screamed and he felt her pull away from his side, running down the hallway that seemed to narrow smaller and smaller and stretch on before them infinitely the closer she got to the body slumped in the hallway.

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