Lauren grew up in Florida, which is in the south but since she was in Tampa Bay isn't considered the South.  This technicality, however, never stopped her from wearing faded denim and plaid or from aspiring to one day own a pair of cowboy boots (which she now has) and a cowboy hat (which she still wants).

As a young girl, she could often be found sitting in the back corner of her closet surrounded by suitcases as she imagined the elevator that appeared in the floor just beneath her and carried her miles underground to uncharted adventures.  Though she no longer sits in the back of her closet (the tile in her house is a wee bit uncomfortable after a while), she can often be found daydreaming in much the same manner and weaves these daydreams into her stories, which span several genres.

After studying mechanical engineering, Lauren moved from industry to industry.  She has worked in accounting, finance, motorsports, education and aviation among others, but her true passion still lies in her writing.  She hopes to one day become a full time author so that she can spend her entire days holed up in a cave turning whimsical musings and plot ideas into stories to share with the world.

She is currently querying literary agents for her young adult contemporary novel, Waterlogged.  Her post-apocalyptic novella series, Fortitude, is available for free on this website.  If she is writing, chances are she is listening to Lindsey Stirling, the Interstellar soundtrack, or something by Bear McCreary.  If she is not writing, chances are she is reading, cooking, or plotting world domination.