The following novellas are available, for free, through this website.  Click on the cover art to learn more.

Fortitude: a novella series

Eight people. One building. One secret that endangers them all. No way out.

The following full length novels are upcoming releases to watch for:

College Living: a new adult humor novel

coming early 2017
Let's say that the summer is ending and you are about to embark on your first semester as a college student.  Naturally, you are very excited and thrilled at the chance to escape from under your parents' watchful eyes for several years.  You are anticipating all the great parties and sporting events you're going to attend and thinking of all the early morning classes you're going to skip.  What you might not be thinking about are a few of the other topics I'm here to guide you through, including [but not limited to]: killer squirrels, crazy but not-quite-homicidal roommates, transportation that will make you homicidal, and the great culinary disasters that await you.  While possibly impractical in certain parts, I'm sure you'll find this guide to be a great first step to adjusting to your new life as a college student.

Waterlogged: a young adult contemporary novel

seeking an agent for representation
Eighteen-year-old Emma Babb feels responsible for the tragic car accident that killed her parents on the way to pick her up from prom.  Reeling with guilt, Emma is whisked away to British Columbia to live with her aunt, the guardian she barely knows.  Drowning in grief, she refuses to speak a word to the only family members she has left.

Zach, her twin brother, makes it his mission to get back the old Emma - and her ambition to follow in her father’s footsteps as a lawyer.  Upon discovering she no longer plans on starting college in the fall, he tries desperately to help her heal as their pending separation at the end of summer looms closer.  When her ex-boyfriend, who she holds partly responsible for the accident, reconnects and stirs up memories of the events, the fragile progress she has made is threatened.